MEMC: Metro East Marching Classic

We are excited to start our registration for the 2021 Metro East Marching Classic at O'Fallon Township High School.  We are hopeful that the coming season will come to fruition as it has looked in the past. 

Our contest will be on Saturday, September 11, 2021 and features a performance on a turf field and a director's critique session with the judges after awards.

Knowing that this competition will be following a year hiatus of marching band competition/public performances and that this will be the first weekend out for the season, we did want to make this as inviting and educational of an experience as we could.  For this reason we will be offering a non-competitive class this year.  We want as many bands as possible to attend to hopefully celebrate the return of this activity.

We also have confirmed world class adjudicators for the event with more to come:

Gary Markham - BOA Chief Judge

Andy Toth - Carmel HS, Ronald Reagan HS, Santa Clara Vanguard, Pride of Cincinnati

Randy Greenwell - DCI Judge, Lawrence Central HS

Clif Walker (Percussion) - Adjudicator, clinician, arranger, and composer with original works performed at PASIC,The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, DCI, BOA WGI and numerous State Music Conventions.

Jennifer Leseth - Colorguard - Chicago native, Caption Supervisor/Designer - Madison Scouts

Keith Baker - Visual - DCI, WGI judge

We are excited to welcome back the BOA Chief Judge, Gary Markham who will again be available to talk to all of you during the critiques. 

Obviously, we are aware of the current pandemic climate and will keep you all posted with updates as needed for the status of MEMC, but are very optimistic that things will be looking up by the fall. 

Sign-up and confirm your spot at the link below.  Cost is $250 before May 1 and $300 after.  Invoices will be sent after registration to each individual school.