OTHS Bands

Marching Panthers

The OTHS Marching Panthers are one of the most visible and successful groups at O'Fallon Township High School. Membership in this group averages approximately 215 members (brass, woodwinds, percussion, and colorguard).  The Marching Panthers are recognized as a BOA Grand National Finalist as of 2018 and an annual BOA Grand National Semi-Finalist.

Everyone is invited and strongly encouraged to participate in the OTHS Marching Panthers.

Preparation for the summer and fall season begins in the early spring. The Marching Band performs in local, statewide, and national events which include parades, field shows, and special performances. Even though a great deal of rehearsals and preparation for this ensemble occurs outside the academic school day, Marching band is a 7th hour class, first semester in which students receive a letter grade. In addition, band members, through participation, have the opportunity to receive their numerals, paw print, and letter by being a member of the Marching Panthers.

Freshman will be bussed from the Milburn campus at the end of the day, prior to 7th hour at the smiley campus in order to participate in marching band 7th hour (smiley campus).  All marching band students will end their day at the smiley campus.

Please refer to the current band handbook and calendar for additional information regarding the marching band. For additional questions, contact the band office.

Performance opportunities have recently included:

  • December 2021-January 2022 Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, California 
  • November 2018-2019 Hollywood Parade, Los Angeles, California
  • November 2018 BOA Grand National Finalist, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • December 2016- 2017 Orange Bowl and Universal Macy's Day Parade, Miami, Florida
  • January 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade Pasadena, California
  • May 2014 Little Neck - Douglaston Memorial Day Parade, Little Neck, New York
  • November 2011 Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Commeration, Oahu, Hawaii
  • November 2011 Waikiki Thanksgiving Day Parade, Waikiki, Hawaii
  • November 2010 Disney Thanksgiving Parade of Bands, Orlando, Florida
  • December 2008 Fiesta Bowl Field Competition and Parade, Phoenix, Arizona
  • December 2007 Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tennessee
  • December 2005 Fiesta Bowl Parade Tempe, Arizona
  • November 2003 Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • December 2001 Orange Bowl Parade Miami, Florida
  • November 1999 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade New York City, New York
  • November 1998 Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • January 1997 Tournament of Roses Parade Pasadena, California
  • December 1994 Fiesta Bowl Parade Phoenix, Arizona
  • November 1992 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade New York City, New York
  • December 1991 Fiesta Bowl Parade Phoenix, Arizona
  • December 1991 National Pageant of Bands Tempe, Arizona
  • December 1989 Orange Bowl Parade Miami, Florida
  • January 1988 Tournament of Roses Parade Pasadena, California
  • December 1986 Peach Bowl Parade Atlanta, Georgia
  • December 1984 Orange Bowl Parade Miami, Florida

Concert Band

The Concert Ensemble program is the basic level of involvement for all OTHS students. All
students enrolled in the Band Program at OTHS will participate in one of four ability based groups:

  2. Symphonic Winds
  3. Symphonic Band
  4. Milburn Band

Every student in the Band Program will be placed in a Concert Ensemble. Placement is determined by auditions that occur during the end of the previous school year. You must register for band with your guidance counselor to register for your concert ensemble. ALL BAND STUDENTS MUST PARTICPATE IN A CONCERT ENSEMBLE COURSE DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY.

All students are required to play an audition for their placement in one of the four Concert Ensembles. Each student’s audition will consist of the following:

  • The IMEA Scale Sheet
  • The IMEA excerpts for the upcoming school year
Refer to the Band Handbook

All incoming freshman interested in auditioning for placement into the Wind Ensemble must prepare the concert ensemble audition material (listed above).  Concert audition dates are listed on the calendar.  All freshman who will be attending the Milburn Campus will be placed into the fall concert band (not participating in marching band) and into the Concert Band at the Milburn Campus during the second semester (if not auditioning for the Wind Ensemble).  Freshman earning placement into the Wind Ensemble will be bussed before 7th Hour (Smiley Campus time) from the Milburn Campus to arrive for this class period.

Jazz Band

Our Jazz Ensemble meets as an early bird class at the Smiley Campus daily, second semester.  The freshman students have their own jazz band that meets during the band class period at the Milburn Campus.  There is an offering of a jazz combo that meets afterschool and serves as a group that performs at local community events.  The jazz program performs at our O’ That Jazz event, along with several other local festivals.   

Pep Band

All OTHS Band members are required to do an assigned number of home girls’ & boys’ basketball games because it is apart of the concert band requirements. Students will also earn awards at the conclusion of the school year for full membership in pep band.

As part of our band’s commitment to OTHS high school, it is expected that each band member participate in basketball pep band activities, similar to the marching band being a part of all football games. 

Pep Band A – Wind Ensemble and Freshmen Band
Pep Band B – Symphonic Winds and Symphonic Band

The two pep bands alternate basketball game dates during the pep band season.

Call time for all games is 6:00pm – reporting to the Smiley Band Room – in the band polo or other band/OTHS attire

We understand that some students may not be able to attend each of these games. In regards to absences from the games, students may find a substitute for the A & B games as listed or complete Missing Assignment #1 or Missing Assignment #2 listed in the Student section of the band website. This missing assignment will be due the following school day after the missed pep band game to Dr. G. Please inform Dr. G of any absences with pep band prior to the date of the game.


The percussion program at OTHS operates both alongside and integrated into the Concert and Marching Band programs. During the fall semester, percussionists participate in their own designated class period during the school day in addition to after-school rehearsals with the Marching Panthers.

In spring semester, percussionists split their class time between rehearsals with the OTHS concert bands as well as their own Percussion Ensemble rehearsals. The Percussion Ensemble rehearses both during and after school throughout the spring semester, performing concerts and participating in District Solo & Ensemble events each year.

Other Ensembles

Madrigal Brass
The Madrigal Brass group accompanies the Madrigal singers and cast during the annual Madrigal Dinner held during the Winter holidays.  These students have two practices in preparation and are part of the overall production throughout the Madrigal weekend (first weekend in December annually)..

Musicals – Pit Orchestra
Interested members of the Wind Ensemble band program accompany the actors and actresses in the spring musical.  Instrumentation varies year to year, depending on the musical.

Show Choir Pit
These band members accompany the show choir during their competitive spring seasons at local and national festivals.  These students are expected to rehearse with the show choir on a weekly basis.

Flute Choir
These flute members rehearse to perform for special events during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays.  In addition, the flute choir will rehearse outside the school day in preparation for Solo/Ensemble Contest.